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Be Limitless is a series of skill grading icons created for use on self promotional media.


Skill sets such as layout design or software proficiency are graded out of five, five being excellent and zero being terrible.


The icon set also includes a sixth icon, the limitless icon.

This icon is used to indicate the limitless potential of more conceptual skill sets, such as creativity, drive, determination, ect.


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Benjamin Parker is a professional Graphic Designer based in Plymouth (UK).


Ben’s love of design stems from his fascination with puzzles, problem solving and communication. This has led him to not only explore all aspects of graphic design, such as print, motion and interactive but has also spurred him to experiment within the fields of furniture and product design, event management and interactive installation.


Ben is highly skilled in both hand rendered and digital design techniques, has experience with the complete adobe Creative Suit and is highly adept with Maxon Cinema 4D.


Ben is always looking for his next challenge so If you  have an upcoming project, be it big or small, print, motion, web or interactive why not drop him a line.